Guided Wine Walks

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From earth to glass

From geology to wine... it's a long way! A guided tour to discover the geology and history of the region’s wine. Take advantage of an outstanding view across the Moselle Valley where some of the area’s...
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Springtime in the vineyards

There’s a very distinctive aroma in the vineyards – the vines are flowering! Experience this delicate fragrance individually or in company of your group. Enjoy a small bite afterwards and allow yourself to...
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Wine & Nature Path Palmberg

The dream loop "Wine & Nature Path Palmberg" is offered both individually and as a guided hike. Along the steep shell limestone cliffs, it goes through the steep vineyards of Palmberg with wonderful views...
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Wine hike Remich

Pearl of the Moselle: Hiking with wine tasting The small town of Remich is located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg. A magnificent panorama of vineyards and dense forests surround the...

With Emma and Alberto over the Palmberg

Guided donkey hike through the vineyards of Ahn Hike with donkey! Why not? From the winery Mme Aly Duhr we walk together with Alberto and Emma, our two cuddly little donkeys, on a part of the dream loop "Wine...

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